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Material management and Warehouse

Right from its beginnings, Avicel has maintained a solid and constructive relationship with its customers, gaining their loyalty by offering full and unbeatable deals. The success resulting from this business strategy is directly proportional to the levels of customer satisfaction which automatically becomes a commercial asset. In fact, it is due to the levels of customer satisfaction that we are able to have an ever-expanding range of customers.

An efficient management of acquisitions is essential in reducing the costs and timeframe required to introduce a product into the market.
Our success in acquisitions depends upon the professionalism of our employees who are both diligent and practical as well as having proven experience in matters concerning Product Quality.

Avicel is able to manage efficiently and opportunely its whole supply chain by individuating alternative sources and products, by striving to maintain suitable inventory levels and flexibility, by optimising response times, by creating framework agreements as well as by keeping in direct contact with worldwide suppliers.

Avicel is also equipped with IT tools which the suppliers can access easily through a WEB interface, making it possible to upload the best offers on the basis of current and future requirements, thereby allowing a flow of supplier-customer MRP information in real time.

Whoever is involved in manufacturing is aware of how important it is to identify the goods correctly upon their arrival in order to avoid entire production lines being compromised due to trifling errors in identification. With this in mind Avicel uses a custom system designed to automatically recognize all the different types of barcodes attached to the goods and insert the information into the system. The procedure to accept goods requires that all the codes found on the goods be checked and that they conform to the statements and orders. If all the codes are cleared, the data will be recorded and each package will be entered into the system under its own unique entry. In order to manage traceability properly, this tool is extremely efficient and drastically reduces production errors. Avicel, maintains all the software and hardware know-how for this tool and is able to integrate it into any production level or stage.

To have a system which, on the basis of the product orders, automatically prepares the main materials, selecting them according to the traceability requirements or any other specifications, efficiently and without needing to have someone operating the system, has always been a dream for all production managers. Today this is no longer a hopeless dream. In fact, Avicel possesses all the software and hardware technology necessary to effectively implement this process.

Thanks to the use of special automatic cabinets and an integrated software procedure, with just a few clicks it is now possible to directly activate via the management software the procedure to initiate the automatic preparation of the materials. The software is able to make use of multiple cabinets in order to meet any requirement according to the scale of the company.

Once the production processes have been completed, the remaining materials will automatically be put back in their place. A maximum amount of order and complete efficiency, all without any errors.