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Design & Engineering

Analyzing the requirements

Avicel is able to analyze the customer's project requirements. We assess the technical feasibility of the product, identify the automatisms in the testing systems and carrying out a financial analyses on the product based on the scale of production.

Hardware and Software Design

Avicel is able to develop any type of project (electronic circuit boards, complex devices) both in terms of the hardware and the software. We are therefore capable of developing digital circuit boards which use components such as microprocessors, programmable logic etc. utilizing commonly used languages such as C, C++, Assembler, or those requested by the customer.

Designing the printed circuit board master

Avicel is able to design masters for the realization of printed circuit boards using the most common CAD platforms.

Designing Mechanical Parts


Avicel is able to carry out complete debugs of the product, developing specially designed equipment / testing tools.

Product Engineering

Avicel is able to engineer products for the customer in order for them to be mass manufactured using industrial methods.

Validation and Certification by the authorized bodies

Avicel can carry out trials and obtain official approval to meet the requirements of the customer and the regulations currently in force.

Maintenance / Assistance in Project Maintenance

Avicel assists its customers in understanding the problems relating to the product or the production process and helps them to identify the corrective measures. This is done by carrying out experiments, trials and assessments. Avicel offers this service both for those projects in which we are directly involved or with external projects.

Quality Control

Avicel is able to assess, on behalf of the customer, the quality of the production process.

Rapid prototyping, preproduction and manufacturing