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Production engineering

Apart from the conductor, an orchestra needs excellent musicians who work according to an established set of conventions. Similarly, Avicel possesses a vast number of specialists who are able to transform what would otherwise be considered unusable goods into those 'musical scores' which are necessary in the creation of excellent 'music'.
Often the material supplied by the customers can be enigmatic or incomplete and not always suitable for an efficient management of the production processes. With the aid of the appropriate instruments and using well-established rules, the Avicel team can optimizes and fully 'decodify' all the material which it is supplied material. This makes it possible to use standardized internal records in order to optimize the flows and maximize the production efficiency.

The high level of competence gained on the field in regards to assembly line technology, tin-alloy soldering and testing, as well as in obtaining international certifications for the IPC process in relation to brazing means that today Avicel is the customer's best option, not only in terms of the quality of its suppliers but as a 360° partner with the ability to supply its customers with a high level of technical support in design, both in terms of DFM (Design for Manufacturing) and in terms of DFT (Design for testing). Both of these factors contribute to impressive results in product engineering, in reducing production costs and in maximizing the reliability of the product in the field.

The collaboration which begins with the customer's designs is the deciding factor when it comes to the quality of the product in the field.