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Test and Inspections

All the products are subjected to AOI or X-Ray inspections before any possible trials are carried out on their specifications. For these trials, Avicel possesses different latest-generation equipment to test the In-Circuits: bed-of-nails system, Flying Probe. 

The department is structured so that testing of functionality can also be carried out as well as providing the possibility of creating tools and software according to the customer's specifications.  Apart from all the automated systems, upon request it is possible to carry out visual-manual inspections. These are carried out by the various specialist operators who have worked in the sectors for a considerable amount of time. The experience acquired during their inspections, along with the effective tools they have at their disposal, allows Avicel to reach significant qualitative levels.

Traceability and serialization

On the basis of the Avicel's IT system settings, the operators will be requested during the manufacturing stages to collect the reference information of the materials in transit required for their traceability.

The traceability procedure at Avicel is devised so that one can work with any product detail, at whatever level, thereby providing a degree of traceability which is capable of satisfying the needs of all our customers, meeting the requirements of both the public sector as well as the requirements of products which are subject to more rigid regulations. The IT system also offers a WEB Interface which is a fundamental factor in providing the customer with the ability to use the traceability data at any point in time.