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Our SMT line is characterized by technologically advanced installations. Production in this area first began in 1988 and it has seen continual investment providing us with the most advanced capabilities.

In the SMT division, different types of product are realized, both for the military sector and the public sector, making it possible to provide a high level of quality and reliability in the assembly.

The mounting and welding of SMT components is carried out using every technique possible; dot gluing, single and double meltback - our production line is now also using pitch as well as BGA e uBGA.

The SMT line possesses numerous Pick & Places and is able to produce over 1,000,000 components a day. The entire department is also equipped with an exclusive installation for automatic storage which is able to fetch the necessary material using an automated system which follows a set of rules in order to avoid any errors and to guarantee that the traceability requirements are met to the highest standards.